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  • Episode 01 Transcript
    The following is the transcript for the first episode of the podcast Aardvark Avarice. Click the Spotify link above to listen or find it on your favorite podcast app. Aardvark Avarice 01: Dentist is a Four-Letter Word Welcome to Aardvark Avarice I am your host Balki Bartokomous This podcast is brought to you by Master Bait and Tackle. You can’t beat their bait. They offer private lessons and specialized Equipment. That’s Master Bait and Tackle. Hold tight and don’t let go. Let me begin by saying this is not a Conspiracy. On that note 49.84983, -95.54987 Isn’t it true that… Read more: Episode 01 Transcript
  • A Very Hasselhoff Update
    Waffles are just pancakes with abs. That was my ice breaker. Now we’ll just skip over the fact it’s been five months since my last post. Sound good to you? I dropped another 5 episodes of Aardvark Avarice these past couple months and let me say, much like Howard the Duck, they are Nerd Humor Gold. Just five? Leave me alone, would you. I work a full-time job, have three kids, coach three teams, and own a home with way too much yard to mow. My podcast is not my biggest worry. It’s making sure my wife never fully realizes… Read more: A Very Hasselhoff Update