Drew Barrymore’s 31st Ex

So, it’s been over three months since my last post. If I were any kind of celebrity rumors would have hit social networks that I was in rehab, becoming Drew Barrymore’s 31st ex, or dead.

One, I don’t have time to form an addiction. Two, I’m holding out for 35th ex. And three, maybe I am dead and you are all Haley Joel Osment from the Sixth Sense. Trippy, right?

Anyway, since last you heard from me I have posted six new Aardvark Avarice episodes. Let’s Corrupt the Youth: 80s Edition, the two part Halloween special The Werewolf and the Sociopath, Garbage Plate #2, Interview with The Evil Genius, and most recently, Unusual Wiki Sports Articles. I have also killed two popular slang words simply by using them in conversation. That’s fire, isn’t it. Make that three. Not to mention I’m still recovering from Superhero Fatigue. Secret Invasion really did a number on me.

Anyway, keep listening to the podcast and I will see you in March.