I’m a Shetland Pony

I’m not much of a blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love the written word. All of Aardvark Avarice podcast episodes are scripted, and I have several fictional series coming to an earbud near you. When it comes to the dissemination of what I write, however, it appears audio is my soapbox of choice. If I were to lie to myself and to you, I would say it gives me a better chance to distill the essence of my writing, but that’s a load of steaming horse dung dropped by a really pretentious horse. I’m more Shetland pony pretentious. You see, I really like to listen to myself talk. It’s fun. Telling jokes is fun. Doing silly voices is fun. Singing off key is fun. And guess what. I really like fun. That whole Shetland pony metaphor – if this were recorded, I totally would have thrown in a silly neigh followed by horse-like fart noises. Doesn’t that sound more fun?

Anyway, I realize that my website is in a blog format, so I will try my darndest to post something once in a while. Be warned, I have started many blogs in my past and only one of them went beyond two months – the content of which I am seriously considering turning into a podcast.


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