It’s Alive!

Aardvark Avarice is now on every podcast site I could find including some sites that may steal your identity, but hey, isn’t it worth it. The one exception is Google Podcasts. Wouldn’t you know a company that prides itself on simplicity has the most complicated podcast process? I’m working on it.

Right now, I have posted episodes 1 through 3 along with a couple Tidbits. I will endeavor to update weekly. Maybe not with actual episodes, but there will be something on there – even if it’s just me singing the National Anthem as Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Our YouTube channel has episodes 1 through 5 along with some extras. It is currently on hiatus as I develop more content and update the animation. Remember, subscribe. That’s actually just something I feel like I have to say. I really don’t care if you subscribe or not. I see the hit count, I’m good enough with that, but if you want to subscribe, be my guest, just keep in mind I’m not going to reward you in any way. I reserve rewards for my worshipers who listen on blind faith. To those who are truly faithful, you will be rewarded in the afterlife with unending ice-cream sundaes with your choice of flavors and toppings, along with Nick at Nite twenty-four seven.


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